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Located in Fishersville, we are a craft store that sells a collection of art & craft materials for any type of hobby. Whether you want to make crafts for homes, offices, shops, or you just want to make crafts as a leisurely pastime, Izzy B Custom Crafts LLC is just the perfect place for you to get your goods. When you visit our store you will have access to a wide range of bits and bobs. Contact us today on 5402553398 for a quote or more information on our stock.

Our Craft Creation Process

The materials we use to create our products make our designs look elegant and attractive. We do our best to avoid using materials that will cause irritation, unpleasant smells, and odours. We also utilise tools like special cutters, craft knives, wood refining tools, pliers and other precision tools. We also make use of sturdy hardware for our large designs. You can be sure that every piece of our handmade crafts is made with passion and creativity.

Price List

30 Oz Stainless Tumblers


The price for this product starts from $40

20 Oz Stainless Tumblers


The price for this product starts from $30



The price for this product starts from $5

Silk Flower Arrangements

Silk Flower Wreaths

Craft Signs

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